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The activator is one of many tools Dr. McSweeney uses at her Reno chiropractic office. This small, handheld tool is often in her pocket for easy access. Here are five benefits of the activator chiropractic method.


You may not know its name, but if you’ve been to the chiropractor, you’ve probably felt this tool in action. The device aids in adjustments and serves as an extension to Dr. McSweeney’s hands. The activator has been around since 1967, and it’s used in two ways:

  • As a tool for precise adjustments
  • As an assessment procedure to identify dtysfunctioning joints

The activator uses gentle impulse force to restore mobility in a targeted area. It serves as an alternative to other techniques. Its spring-loaded mechanism provides low-force impulses, which is just one of its many benefits:

  1. Gentle on joints and the spine. That makes it particularly useful for patients who are pregnant or have arthritis or osteoporosis.
  2. Precise. The activator can precisely target an area to restore mobility and reduce inflammation and stiffness.
  3. Painless. It’s appropriate for use on older patients and children.
  4. Promotes joint stability over time. The speed of this instrument treats joints without triggering muscle tensing, which can encourage stability in joints and ligaments.
  5. Effective for specific conditions. Issues like TMJ and certain neurological conditions respond well to the activator method.


You’ll likely notice the sound of the activator more than you will its action. If you’re paying attention, you’ll feel mild pressure and a quick thrust. It’s similar to the feeling of having your knee tapped when the doctor checks your reflexes.

If you’re considering chiropractic care, the activator is just one of many tools you can expect at Dr. McSweeney’s office here in Reno. Her holistic approach to chiropractic care means every patient experiences personalized care through a mix of techniques. Learn more about what you can expect at your first appointment, and schedule a visit with us today.