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Back pain comes in different shapes and sizes, with different causes too. Luckily, keeping your spine healthy isn’t as difficult as you may think. Try these four tips from Dr. McSweeney for a healthy spine in 2018.

Strengthen your Core

A strong core goes a major distance in keeping your low back safe and healthy. The majority of Americans lead a largely sedentary lifestyle, so make a point of spending ten to fifteen minutes a day performing a few simple, targeted exercises to tone up those core muscles. Check out this article to get started.

Check your Shoes

Shoes can have a big impact on the support of your low back, with supportive shoes keeping your spine properly aligned. Wear a pair of unsupportive shoes, and you’ll likely notice it by the end of the day! Supportive shoes will have a good fit in the heel, which prevents your foot from rolling to the inside or outside. Dr. McSweeney here in Reno can also help you figure out whether foot issues are affecting your ongoing back pain.

Consider Chiropractic and Massage Therapy

Both chiropractic care and massage therapy are wonderful ways to care for your spine and the muscles that support it. If you’re new to the idea of chiropractic care, Dr. McSweeney can answer all of your questions and perform diagnostic tests to determine if you would benefit. In addition to loosening up those muscles, massage can help encourage blood flow, bringing nutrients to the sore areas and encouraging healing. That’s why Dr. McSweeney uses G5 massage in all of her treatments.

Practice Good Posture

Whether you’re seated or standing, proper posture is essential to avoiding back pain. It’s not uncommon to slouch or lean forward, but this is stressful to the lumbar discs. We write about this topic in depth on another post, so take a look and put our tips into practice.

From all of us at Dr. McSweeney’s chiropractic office here in Reno, we wish you a wonderful year of health and happiness.