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We aren’t naming names, but there are a few chiropractic franchise options here in Reno. You may have seen these fast-food style chiropractic offices, which promise to get you in and out in minutes. Here’s why you should avoid these places and opt for an office that promises a thorough consultation.

It’s Just Not in Your Best Interest

When a chiropractor is moving through a waiting room filled with patients at an accelerated pace, it makes you wonder who’s really being served. There are countless factors impacting musculoskeletal problems, and it can take time to pinpoint the real problem – particularly with first-time patients. That’s why you should see a chiropractor who takes the time to listen and assess.

First-time patients at Dr. McSweeney’s office can expect to fill out not only a medical history, but paperwork about diet, lifestyle, previous medical illness or injuries, and ongoing health issues. All of these can have an effect on neck or back pain. Initial consultations with Dr. McSweeney typically run between 45 and 60 minutes, simply because she wants to know exactly what she’s working with before making any recommendations for treatment.

Some Treatments Take Time

In some cases, you’re going to need more than one visit to the chiropractor for a resolution to your problem. While it’s likely that your chiropractor can get you out of pain during your visit, you may be asked to return for a follow-up appointment. When you walk into a franchise with rotating chiropractors on staff, you may be seen by a team of doctors. Working with an individual chiropractor means you’ll have the benefit of familiarity. Your doctor will be able to accurately assess your progress when she or he is the only one treating you.

Be wary, however, of any chiropractor who can’t pinpoint even a general endpoint to your care. While it’s impossible to say exactly when you’ll be done, you shouldn’t be expected to return weekly indefinitely. You should expect treatment for a period of time and then a re-assessment, followed by a discussion of each phase of treatment.