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Your lower back is killing you, and it’s impossible to get comfortable in your desk chair or on the couch. Your neck is so stiff you can barely look over your shoulder when you’re driving, and you can feel a headache building. So should you visit your chiropractor, or book a massage? Here’s how to choose between a chiropractic adjustment and a massage.

Adjustment or Massage?

While both treatments are drug-free and hands-on, you should consider a few things when you’re deciding what to do first. Considering the severity of your pain, your history with this kind of pain, and the price tag (and insurance options) is a good place to begin.

  • Massage therapy – This treatment targets muscular issues, including pulls, strains, spasms and areas of tension arising from overwork. While it’s considered a luxury in many circles, massage therapy can offer legitimate pain management and recovery benefits. The manipulation of soft tissue has an effect on the nervous system, and massage encourages fluid movement in the top muscle layer. While massage therapists are not licensed to make adjustments, they can make recommendations for homeopathic and holistic remedies. Other benefits of massage therapy include stress relief, improved skin condition, improved blood flow and reduced anxiety.
  • Chiropractic – This treatment specifically addresses musculoskeletal and nervous system disorders with a focus on the spine and joints. The most common technique in a spinal manipulation or adjustment, used to treat back and neck pain. Other conditions that can be improved with chiropractic care include joint pain, headaches, tension, insomnia and tendonitis. Unlike massage therapists, chiropractors can make medical diagnoses as well as order blood work and X-rays.

Chiropractic and Massage

A balance between the two therapies can be very effective in managing chronic pain. That’s why some chiropractors, like Dr. Lynelle McSweeney here in Reno, offer massage therapy as part of their treatment. Massage can be a wonderful “warm-up” for the body before an adjustment. And, adjustments last longer when muscle tension is released first. Because tight muscles tend to pull joints out of alignment, massage therapy can resolve that issue. Chiropractic care addresses the misalignments, bringing instant relief to the soft tissue that massage therapy is targeting. Soft tissue will also heal more quickly if the joints are properly aligned.

It’s for these reasons that Dr. McSweeney begins her appointments with a G5 massage. It’s a way to incorporate machine-assisted massage therapy into her sessions. This tool helps Dr. McSweeney manipulate soft tissue for positive effects on the nervous and muscular system while enhancing local and general blood and lymphatic fluids. Plus, it’s a wonderfully relaxing way to begin a session that will bring even more relief.

Chiropractor or massage? Don’t choose just one! Visit Dr. McSweeney to enjoy the benefits of both. Schedule your visit today.