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Dr. McSweeney’s holistic approach to chiropractic care means she uses a variety of techniques and tools to find just the right treatment for her patients. In many instances, she’ll suggest nutritional supplements, foods to add or avoid, and tips for appropriate exercises and stretches. Recently, she was the featured expert in an article about upper back stretches for mindbodygreen, where she shared her favorite stretches to relieve pain the upper back.


Mindbodygreen is a wellness website that connects soul and science. Content is focused on the mental, physical, spiritual, emotional and environmental aspects of well-being. As a featured expert with more than 20 years of chiropractic experience, Dr. McSweeney joins an impressive group of physicians and therapists to shed insight into relevant and useful topics.

In “6 Chiropractor-Approved Stretches to Help Relieve Upper-Back Pain,” Dr. McSweeney shares her recommendations for relieving upper back pain. While low back pain gets a lot of focus, stretches targeting the upper back aren’t as well known. Sedentary lifestyles – exacerbated for many during the pandemic, with more people spending so much time at home – and poor posture both contribute to symptoms of upper back pain, including tension in the shoulders, tightness in the upper back, and pain radiating along the neck. These are classic signs that you’ve been sitting for too long, and they breed other issues too, including neck strain, circulation issues and shallow breathing.

To combat this, Dr. McSweeney outlined six stretches that can help relieve tightness and tension. She advises working through these stretches several times a day at most to avoid over-stretching, which can create its own problems, and the focus should be on moving with the breath.

Check out the article in full at mindbodygreen now, and remember that Dr. McSweeney is here if you stretching alone doesn’t do the trick! Schedule your appointment now.