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If you’re one of the lucky few that doesn’t experience back pain, you may think you have no reason to visit the chiropractor. But while back pain is something a chiropractor like Dr. Lynelle McSweeney here in Reno can treat, there are a number of other conditions and issues that she can address as well. Here are five reasons to see the chiropractor beyond back pain.

Routine Headaches

There are several causes of headaches, including dehydration or malnutrition, tension, stress, oxygen deprivation, and spinal misalignments. Poor posture is another common culprit. If you’re suffering from chronic headaches – several per week or more – Dr. McSweeney can help relieve symptoms so you feel better, faster, and offer recommendations for diet or posture to reduce occurrences.

A Sedentary Lifestyle

As a society, we spend much of our time seated. Add to that the hunched posture we tend to assume as we work on computers or stare at mobile devices, and you have the breeding ground for problems. Poor posture alone puts stress on the upper back, neck, and shoulders, which not only causes pain but shifting of the discs and bones in the spine. Proper alignment of the spine is vital to optimal health, and an adjustment – and advice on posture – can help straighten things out.

Limited Range of Motion

Limited range of motion in your arms, legs, neck, shoulders, and hips is often a telltale sign to visit the chiropractor. Appropriate adjustments can help realign joints and bones, which will both relieve pain and restore proper range of motion.

Shooting Leg Pain

Tingling weakness or sharp, shooting pain in the legs can both be signs of pinched nerves or herniated discs. An experienced chiropractor like Dr. McSweeney can assess the condition and diagnose the cause of this pain. If it is indeed a pinched nerve or herniated disc, a spinal adjustment can help alleviate the pressure that’s causing so much discomfort.

An Active Lifestyle

It’s important for our physical and mental health to stay active. But that activity can create its own strain and pressure on the body. Keep your body strong so you can stay active with chiropractic care. It will address any issues causes by your active lifestyle.

Don’t Wait

You don’t need to wait until something terrible happens or you’re in so much pain, you can no longer manage it solo. While Dr. McSweeney can help you at any time, regular chiropractic care can offer a preventative approach to your physical and emotional well-being. You’d be surprised at the many ways a holistic chiropractor can help, so learn more about what to expect at your first visit and then schedule an appointment today.