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Foot Pain

Foot pain can significantly impact your daily life, making even the most basic tasks uncomfortable and limiting your ability to participate in activities you enjoy.

At Boost Integrated Medical Center, we understand the importance of addressing foot pain and are dedicated to helping you overcome this debilitating condition. We offer personalized treatment plans that combine chiropractic care and regenerative medicine to target the root cause of your pain and promote lasting relief.

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Chiropractic Care for Foot Pain

Chiropractic care offers a safe and effective approach to addressing foot pain. Our experienced and knowledgeable chiropractors utilize various techniques to treat the root cause of your pain and promote optimal healing.

Chiropractic For Foot Pain

Chiropractic adjustments can help restore proper alignment, improve joint function, and reduce inflammation in the feet.

Our chiropractors in Reno are skilled in addressing feet pain resulting from various causes, including misaligned bones, joint dysfunction, and nerve irritation.

In conjunction with chiropractic adjustments, we may also employ soft tissue therapy techniques, such as myofascial release and trigger point therapy.

These therapies aim to release tension in the muscles and connective tissue surrounding the feet, further improving foot mobility and reducing pain.

Don’t let feet pain hold you back any longer. Trust our team of dedicated professionals to guide you on the path to optimal foot health and a pain-free life.

Non-Surgical Treatments for Severe Foot Injuries & Conditions

For patients with severe foot injuries or chronic conditions, we offer a variety of non-surgical treatment options designed to address the underlying cause of your foot pain and promote optimal foot health.

Our advanced regenerative medicine treatments can help alleviate pain in the feet and promote healing on a cellular level. These treatments are: human cellular tissue injections and platelet-rich plasma therapy.

These non-surgical, minimally invasive treatments help repair damaged or degraded tissue, which reduces inflammation and discomfort in the feet. Both treatments are done in-office and pose little-to-no risk of recovery time.

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a common cause of heel pain that occurs when the plantar fascia – the thick band of tissue that connects your heel to your toes – becomes inflamed.

Treatment For Plantar Fasciitis

Our medical professionals offer a comprehensive approach to treating plantar fasciitis, combining chiropractic care with non-surgical regenerative medicine treatments.

We will work to address the root cause of your plantar fasciitis, focusing on improving foot alignment, reducing inflammation, and promoting optimal foot function.

We are committed to providing comprehensive, personalized care for individuals suffering from foot pain.

With our chiropractic care and non-surgical treatment options, we can create a customized treatment plan that addresses the root cause of your feet pain, providing long-lasting relief and improved mobility.

Don’t let foot pain hold you back from enjoying your daily activities and living your life to the fullest.

If you are experiencing foot pain in Reno, NV, contact our office at (775) 525-5624 to set up a consultation, and let’s help you get the relief you deserve.