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While it’s conventional wisdom that the chiropractor can help with pain in the back or neck, that’s not telling the whole story. As a branch of medicine, chiropractic treats disorders in both the musculoskeletal and nervous systems, as well as the effects they have on the body as a whole. That means chiropractors can treat people for a surprising range of conditions – though not everything. Here’s how chiropractors can help – and how they can’t.


There are a few chiropractic techniques that can bring near immediate relief to those suffering from chronic low back pain. Typically, it involves manipulating the sacroiliac joint, but it can vary. Determining the true issue is an important first step, and here at Dr. Lynelle McSweeney’s office in Reno, she begins all appointments with questions and diagnostic tests to pinpoint the problem.


Spinal manipulation can relieve pain in the neck, and some studies have shown greater efficacy with chiropractic than with pain medications for this kind of relief. Studies also confirm that chiropractic treatment can vastly improve flexibility and mobility, further reducing pain and limitations. Again, determining whether the issue originates from the neck (and not the shoulders) is the best place to begin any kind of remedy


Nerves in the chest and abdominal area are directly linked to digestion, which is why spinal issues can often trigger digestive problems. Symptoms like bloating, gas, and heartburn can be caused when the thoracic vertebrae is out of alignment, which affects surrounding nerves that then send sporadic impulses to the stomach and intestines. Restoring proper alignment removes that nerve interference so that digestive healing can begin.


Aches and pains in the low back, hips, and pelvis, along with sciatica, are common issues with a growing belly during pregnancy. And while options for pain relief are understandably limited while a woman is pregnant, chiropractic can make a huge difference. Not only does it relieve aches and pain, it can reduce the chances of back labor and help ensure a smoother, easier delivery.


Pain in the neck and upper shoulders can trigger painful headaches. By relaxing tight muscles, chiropractor can relieve pressure and reduce headache pain.

While chiropractors are trained to help patients with a number of conditions, they can’t fix everything. When you’re dealing with an acute emergency, a fracture, injuries that require surgeries or prescription medications, or broken bones, a medical doctor is likely a better first choice. Still, a chiropractor may be able to round out the quality and scope of the care you receive. In Reno, Dr. Lynelle McSweeney offers a holistic, multi-technique approach to chiropractic. Learn more about what to expect at your first visit, and schedule an appointment today.