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You may have questions about how chiropractic care can help you or a loved one, or maybe you’re wondering how this type of care fits into the current healthcare system. You’re smart to ask, and we’re happy to answer. Here’s what you should know about chiropractic care.

As far as “alternative” healthcare in the United States, chiropractic care tops the list. It’s lumped into the “alternative” category for a few reasons:

  • It approaches healthcare from a different perspective than primary care medicine.
  • It’s non-surgical.
  • It promotes nutrition and functional movement before drugs and surgery.

But because chiropractic care has seen steady increase in acceptance from the public at large, insurance companies and the federal government, it’s fair to say that chiropractic has also become part of mainstream healthcare.

Today, chiropractic care plays an important part of healthcare for many Americans. In 1993, a report revealed that 7% of US adults had received chiropractic care. In 2015, a Gallup poll was published. The title? “Majority in US Say Chiropractic Works for Neck, Back Pain.” The study revealed that 6 in 10 adults polled agreed that chiropractors can effectively treat these kinds of pain, and that close to 30% had visited a chiropractor for treatment themselves.

Regardless of whether you’ve tried chiropractic care yourself, be clear about that “alternative” label up above. Chiropractors are highly trained medical professionals with extensive education and strict licensing requirements. The right chiropractor will answer your questions completely, and above all, listen to you. Healthcare isn’t a one-size-fits-all service, and you shouldn’t be treated as just another number.

If you’re noticing nagging neck, back or pelvic pain, if you have pain in your feet or shoulders, a chiropractor may be exactly what you need. Learn more about what you can expect at your first visit, and considering scheduling an appointment today. At the very least, you can visit Dr. McSweeney in Reno and see how she approaches chiropractic care with warm expertise.