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You may have heard about Zerona weight loss – maybe you read about it online or saw Dr. McSweeney featured on Channel 2 News. If you have questions about this FDA-approved, non-invasive, pain-free procedure, you’re not alone. But to understand how Zerona laser weigh loss works, you first need to understand the nature of fat cells.


Despite their reputation, our fat cells play a very important role in the body. In fact, their role is so essential, they can almost be considered an organ in and of themselves.

Fat cells are responsible for a number of critical functions, including:

  • Regulating the metabolism
  • Supporting the immune system
  • Producing hormones and proteins
  • Assisting the liver in processing and removing fat and toxins
  • Assisting our muscles regulate blood sugar

Still, it can be challenging to align these essential actions with excess body fat on our waistline, legs, arms, hips and backside. But be very clear that the issue here isn’t our fat cells – it’s fat cells that have become enlarged. Enlarged fat cells are dysfunctional and incapable of doing their important jobs. What’s more, they can trigger that dysfunction across the entire body. Enlarged fat cells can no longer produce necessary amounts of Adiponectin, an important hormone. That means the liver becomes less efficient, and muscles can’t properly use glucose for energy. The body responds by storing more fat and increasing blood pressure. And when body fat percentages begin to exceed certain levels (above 25% for men and over 30% for women), health hazards likewise increase. That’s particularly true if this excess fat is stored in the upper body or close to organs.


As adults, we maintain the same number of fat cells throughout our lifetimes. That’s true no matter how much weight we gain or lose. As cells die, the body quickly replaces them to maintain a set point. Because of this, elective procedures that are intended to destroy fat cells, such as fat-freezing or liposuction therapies, are largely ineffective. They may even be counterproductive, as the body is quick to regenerate fat cells to maintain that set point and they may even grow larger in new areas of the body to compensate for those that were destroyed or removed.

Laser weight loss treatment is different. This kind of cold laser therapy targets enlarged fat cells specifically by opening a pore to drain the fatty content, which is safely removed in the body by the lymphatic system. There is no damage to the fat cell itself, which is key. When the pore closes, the cell is effectively “reset,” so that it can function properly once again. This procedure is painless, with no down time, no bruising, and no unpleasant side effects.

We invite you to schedule a free consultation to learn more about Zerona laser weight los. We’ll answer all of your questions so you can make an informed decision about whether this is a good option for you. Contact us at 775-525-5624 today!