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Burning question – and it’s a good one! If I start getting adjusted now, will I have to keep getting adjustments forever?

Well, no. Of course not. The decision to get adjusted or not is a personal one, and it’s up to you whether regular adjustments should be part of your life.

But consider this.

How do you feel about regular haircuts? If you get a really great cut today, are you all set for the rest of your life?

What about working out regularly? Is that something you can do once, and continue to benefit from indefinitely? Can you eat a really nutritious diet today, and then eat whatever you want after that, without some issues?

The list of things that we do consistently is miles long – brushing and flossing our teeth, getting enough sleep, thinking positively – and chiropractic adjustments can be lumped into these activities.

Remember, chiropractic care is intended to keep your spine and nervous system healthy and functioning. And to do that, regular adjustments are important. But frequency of visits is up to the patient.

It’s Dr. McSweeney’s goal to get you out of pain, out of her office and on with your busy life. But like many things, chiropractic care takes time. We wrote about this last week, when we explained that it’s not uncommon to feel temporarily worse after an adjustment. When spinal misalignments that have been an issue for months are suddenly corrected, it takes your body time to adjust to those changes.

If you aren’t in pain, you may wonder about the value of regular chiropractic care. Remember that health isn’t necessarily about how you feel – it’s about how well your body functions. By the time you notice physical symptoms, your body has been dealing with problems for some time.

Regular adjustments can help ensure a healthy, functioning spine and nervous system – and that can help you stay pain-free.

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