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It’s typical for people to have questions when they visit a holistic chiropractor like Dr. Lynelle McSweeney here in Reno. They want to know what they can expect in terms of treatment, how they can keep back pain at bay, which supplements or stretches she might recommend, and if they need to come back. Visit frequency is also a very common question. There’s an unfortunate misconception that once you begin chiropractic treatment, you’re obliged to continue. That’s not the case. Here’s what to know if you’re debating how often you need to see the chiropractor.


For Dr. McSweeney, visit frequency recommendations are always based on her goal of getting her patients out of pain. Depending on individual patient circumstances, treatment may involve a single appointment, or she may ask someone to come back for follow-ups. Some patients are dealing with underlying stressors that cannot be resolved in a single visit. To ensure she can offer her patients the best care, Dr. McSweeny begins her appointments with questions about how you’re feeling, coupled with simple diagnostic tests to help her pinpoint the problem. This information puts her in a position to make the best recommendations for your care, including whether she needs you to come back.


While some visits to the chiropractor are driven by an immediate need to manage pain, preventative care is something different. Patients who have enjoyed chiropractic care often notice when their spines, hips, or neck feel out of alignment. That’s likely because they’re becoming more attuned to their bodies, so they notice when something feels off. Patients like this often come in when they feel like they need an adjustment, or they begin a preventative approach with treatment every month or two. In these scenarios, visit frequency is entirely up the patient, and will likely be dependent on things like lifestyle, activity level, and general nutrition.


Letting your body dictate your visits is often the best approach. If it makes you feel good to come in monthly or every other month to head off misalignments before they become an issue, you’re welcome to do so. If you prefer to treat tension or pain as it arises, that’s fine too. Dr. McSweeney is happy to offer her recommendations as well – just ask next time you see her.