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Most of the patients who visit Dr. McSweeney are looking for pain relief. Their back hurts, or it’s their neck or shoulder. Almost always, these issues have been a problem for some time but the pain has only recently become noticeable or problematic. But what happens if, following your adjustment, you feel worse?

The Amazing Body

We tend to take them for granted, but our bodies are truly incredible. Not only do they carry us through day after day, they continue to function even when things aren’t working as they should. The body will adapt and adjust, changing muscle movements and joint function to accommodate for parts that aren’t up to snuff. But these kinds of changes are temporary and sooner or later, when our muscles and joints can no longer pick up the slack, symptoms begin to present themselves. That’s when we begin to notice hip pain, low back pain, headaches, and other issues.

And that’s when we scheduled a visit to the chiropractor.

After the first adjustment, it’s common for patients to expect instant relief. And while that may be the case initially, it’s not unusual to feel sore a few hours later – and that can be frustrating. Think of like this – you lift weights to be strong, and after a workout, you feel great. The next day, however, your legs may be incredibly sore. That’s similar to how it works after an adjustment. Your muscles and ligaments have been pulled and stretched, and your body has been reset. It’s on a path back to its normal, healthy state, and it’s common to feel a bit of discomfort along the way.

Tips for Managing Discomfort After an Adjustment

You don’t need to suffer through the pain you may feel after being adjusted. Speak to your chiropractor – she can advise whether you may be a little sore and offer tips for managing it. Icing the affected area and staying mobile can be effective treatments. If you’re worried that your pain isn’t the normal kind and it’s disproportionate to your adjustment, you should speak to your chiropractor right away.