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Here in northern Nevada, summer is wrapping up and a brand new school year is just days away. For students, that means heavy backpacks, early mornings, and long days at desks. Teachers, meanwhile, will be standing, stooping, bending, grading, and on their feet all day long. As we all prepare for the school year, here are three benefits of keeping chiropractic care on your back-to-school list (parents and teachers included!).


As we continue to navigate the pandemic, students may be toting around more school supplies than usual. Backpacks worn improperly, either with a single strap or heavy enough that they have to lean forward to compensate for the weight, can impact the spine. The former creates upper and lower back pain by curving the spine to one side, while the latter leads to back, shoulder, and neck pain.

Look for shoulders with wide, padded straps for optimal circulation in the arms and make sure your child knows to wear both straps at an appropriate height.


Kids are busy! Between school, homework, and after-school activities, bedtimes are often bumped. Keep in mind that sleep is when our bodies heal and repair from daily stresses. Without adequate sleep, immunity suffers, and so do body and brain function.

Try to commit to the same bedtime every night, which will make early morning wake-ups easier. Limiting screen time two hours before bed is important for avoiding melatonin disruption too.


Slouching in a desk is another recipe for back pain. This kind of non-ergonomic sitting creates tension in the back, shoulders, and neck. The solution is sitting with a straight spine and taking as many breaks as possible.


We all know that teachers have a demanding schedule, and studies have proven the physical effects of the job:

  • Over 41% experience pain in the feet, legs, and knees
  • Almost 24% experience pain in the shoulders, neck and wrists
  • Over 41% experience back pain, and more than 62% experience low back pain specifically

Chiropractic care can go a very long way in alleviating the pain and discomfort that teachers experience. Proper alignment is critical for a strong, healthy body, and chiropractic offers a whole-body approach to back pain relief. Dr. McSweeney will also share specific stretches and exercises you can use throughout the day for better alignment.

Teachers and students alike will benefit from preventative chiropractic care, so put chiropractic care on your back-to-school list and schedule a visit with Dr. McSweeney today.