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Dr. McSweeney offers a holistic, multi-technique chiropractic approach to better serve the individual needs of her patients. Now, she’s excited to expand her offerings with laser weight loss. The Zerona Z6, a cold laser technology, is FDA approved and completely non-invasive. There’s no down time, no pain or fatigue, and no side effects. If you’re committed to exercising and eating well, but you’re still struggling with stubborn body fat, it’s time to learn more about laser weight loss.


Cold laser technology uses low levels of light to safely penetrate fat cells in the body, which allows excess fat to seep out for processing in the body as waste. There is no destruction to the fat cells themselves, and that’s important. While many of us work hard to drop body fat, it plays an essential role in our health.

Fat cells in the body are complex, dynamic entities that support many processes in the body. They’re part of the endocrine organ, which is responsible for regulating the metabolism, supporting the immune system, producing hormones and proteins, and assisting the liver and muscles.

The issue isn’t fat cells — it’s enlarged fat cells. When fat cells are enlarged, they can’t produce enough adiponectine, an important protein hormone that regulates glucose and fatty acid oxidation. The liver becomes less efficient, muscles can’t use glucose for energy as effectively, the body begins to store more fat, and blood pressure goes up. Healthy, lean fat cells are the goal, and cold laser technology can help. Instead of cutting out or freezing fat cells — the plan of attack with traditional fat loss treatments — Zerona therapy safely and effectively resets enlarged fat cells to improve their function and help you lose inches.


Body fat truly isn’t the enemy, and cold laser technology can ensure your fat cells begin to act and function as they should. Dr. McSweeney is scheduling consultations now, and she can answer all of your questions about cold laser therapy, its efficacy and clinical studies, whether you’re a candidate, and more. Call us today to schedule your consultation.