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If you’re looking for a Reno chiropractor because you’ve complained about your aching back, your kinked neck, or your chronic headaches often enough that people have started recommending a DC, well, that’s good advice. But if you’re also kind of wondering what exactly the chiropractor does, here’s what to know before making your first appointment.

Not Just for Back and Neck Pain

A chiropractor is a doctor specializing in care of the spine and joints. Doctors of chiropractic work as a complement to traditional medicine. But they don’t just treat your neck and back. They can help with pain in other spots too – the head and jaw, knees and ankles, hips and pelvis, even the feet, wrists and elbows. Chiropractors are trained to treat the entire musculoskeletal system so that they can help the body’s joints and surrounding muscles move together properly.

So what does that mean? A chiropractor like Dr. Lynelle McSweeney here in Reno can help you find relief from ongoing headaches, plantar fasciitis, shoulder problems, and more. Chiropractors are trained to ease symptomatic pain while also addressing the root of the problem.

No Prescriptions

You can’t visit the chiropractic for a pain killer prescription. Instead of recommending medicines to alleviate your pain, the chiropractor may suggest lifestyle changes that will address the cause of that pain – not the symptom itself. That’s a change that can encourage people to become active participants their own health.

Chiropractic therapies may include:

  • Soft-tissue therapy to bring relief to tight muscles and spasms as well as to release fascia tension
  • Adjustments to realign joints and increase range of motion
  • Exercises and stretches
  • Certain nutritional supplements
  • Kinesio taping to support sprained joints and muscles

Family Care

Because treatment is highly individual, care is based on patients and their specific conditions. That means chiropractors can treat a range of patients, from babies and children to adults. Everyone is screened before treatments begin, and Dr. McSweeney always discusses her recommendations with patients first.

Remember, a chiropractor can help you with typical aches and pains. The goal is improving and restoring your health over the long term while alleviating your pain and discomfort now. If that sounds appealing to you, learn more about what you can expect at your first visit with Dr. McSweeney and schedule an appointment today.