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It’s not uncommon to develop habits that really aren’t doing us any favors. That’s how our tendencies to stare at our phones all day long or slouch at our desk chair can lead to nagging neck pain. It’s not uncommon. Close to two thirds of our population will struggle with neck pain at least once, and once you’ve experienced it, you have major sympathy for those living with chronic neck pain. But before you reach for the painkillers, read on. If you have neck pain, Dr. McSweeney here in Reno can help.


Identifying the cause of your neck pain is an important first step. And again, while a bottle of ibuprofen or acetaminophen may be your first move, it can make it harder to determine the culprit. If neck pain is an ongoing issue for you, a good place to begin is with a visit to your primary care physician or a chiropractor like Dr. McSweeney. In most instances, your neck pain will be attributed to a few common issues, including:

  • an environmental cause, like posture, stress, or insufficient sleep
  • an injury or illness
  • referred pain from upper back issues

But neck pain can also be a symptom of a far more serious issue, which is why it’s always worth getting a professional opinion.

If your neck pain is of the former variety, you have options when it comes to treatment. Your primary caregiver will likely recommend a medication to reduce pain and inflammation, to reduce spasms, or to lessen anxiety and depression. If your neck pain stems from a sinus infection, you may be prescribed antibiotics.

If you visit a chiropractor like Dr. McSweeney at the onset of your neck pain, you may be able to avoid the use of medications. Instead, you’ll be treated with spinal manipulation and mobilization. If she pinpoints your neck pain to be result of an issue with your muscles and joints, which is quite common, chiropractor care can be even more effective.

Ongoing Care

After determining whether your neck pain would benefit from an adjustment, Dr. McSweeney can evaluate both your posture and body mechanics. An assessment like that means she’s able to offer recommendations for exercises designed to relieve pain and increase strength and mobility. Dr. McSweeney might also use therapies like electric stimulation, ultrasound and other methods to help you feel better, plus send you home with instructions for helpful remedies you can try at home to improve your comfort level.

The best way to decide if chiropractic care will help relieve your neck pain is with a consultation. In reno, schedule your appointment with Dr. McSweeney today, and don’t live with neck pain any longer than you must.