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Working remotely is a reality for many of us, with some estimates claiming a full half of the entire American workforce is calling in from the sofa (or dining table). If you aren’t fortunate enough to have a full home office at the ready, your remote workstation may be putting you in a bad spot – literally. Poor posture, especially for hours on end, can create all kinds of issues in the body. Luckily, they’re preventable. Here are a few posture tips if you’re still working from home.


Working remotely typically involves a laptop or desktop computer. Minimize musculoskeletal stress by practicing the following:

  • Keep your neck and shoulders relaxed to reduce tension
  • Elevate your workspace surface so your elbows, knees and hips sit at a 90-degree angle
  • Keep your wrists natural, and try not to rest them on hard surfaces
  • Use lumbar support for your lower back – a bolster or even a rolled towel will work
  • Keep your feet flat on the ground or use a foot rest

It’s also important to take frequent breaks to stretch and move. Framework Personal Training, a nearby private gym here in Reno, shares this great post about the best way to boost productivity in just fifteen minutes – it’ll reset your brain and get your blood pumping.


We’ve written before about posture, including what you need to understand about forward head carriage and the specific benefits of better posture. Knowledge is power, so we hope you’ll take a few minutes to read both. If you’re struggling with poor alignment that’s causing pain, consider scheduling a visit with Dr. Lynelle McSweeney. Learn more about what to expect at your first appointment, and remember to practice good posture, wherever you work!