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Patient reviews can be an important way to get a feel for a chiropractor before visiting. While you can find reviews of Dr. McSweeney on Facebook, Google, and Yelp, we’ve rounded up some of the most recent feedback for you here.


“I feel so much better since seeing Dr. McSweeney! I have way more energy now, all thanks to her! She does muscle to nerve testing and can tell you what organ/s in your body is off. She is much more than a chiropractor. I love her holistic approach to making me feel better. A lot of chiropractors have you come back too often and have you feeling like it costs too much to see a Chiropractor. Lynelle is more specialized in her care than other chiropractors. The whole team is amazing and make you feel comfortable there. Highly recommend!”

  • “Knowledgeable. Excellent patient care. Focused on total body wellness.”
  • “Dr. Lynelle takes excellent care of people and truly helps.”
  • “Dr. McSweeney is the absolute best and her staff rock. They know me by name and are so nice and caring. Dr. McSweeney always amazes me, she just touches me and knows exactly what is going on with me from pain to emotional issues. She is fabulous!”
  • “I met Dr. McSweeney from my last Dr. Porter, who endorsed her to take over his practice after he went on Sabbatical. I had been with him for 25 years and I didn’t realize how unique his practice was, as he was the 1st chiro I met and I was loyal. I was missing his presence in my life when some recent body troubles arrived, and I sought out Dr. McSweeney for relief. It takes about 2 weeks + to get an appt, which can be challenging when you are in pain, well I finally met with Dr. and I was super impressed.
    The office is very professional from the time you arrive, to getting into your room, the Dr’s Assistant asks you questions before the Dr. arrives. Their listening skills are amazing, I am not one who likes to speak much about myself and what’s going on with me, but it’s very comfortable and sometimes I feel myself talking much past my, “Out of office self” it’s kind of the start of the healing!

    Dr. then comes in and is up to date and gets to business, and cracks jokes expertly when the opportunity arises! She knows her stuff, like muscle testing, plus Chiro and how the body works as UNIT, plus has tons of herbs and vitamins in house, which I LOVE, NATURAL HEALTH IS TRUTH! I especially learned this after using some Western Medicine recently and I’m not used to drug side effects, they are so dark and wicked, when Nature has answers that work with harmony, where most of these drugs come from, they patent something found naturally so they can make $$ and they don’t care how much pain, suffering, and even DEATH they cause!

    If you are experiencing anything, you’ve been to Western Medicine (only about 100 years old) and wants some light and relief or even another Chiro (most have bad names for reasons), I’d recommend a initial exam, to see another WAY, which I consider the RIGHT PATH to HEALING!

    Dr’s like McSweeney and my previous Porter, understand the body to a level you can’t imagine, I consider them my Primary Dr’s for anything and everything, then I’ll go to Western Medicine if that’s what they recommend. If you are considering, go before you need it, as it takes a while to get in, that’s what I did, and now I’ve been a few times because Dr. founds some things I needed to work on, and I’m THANK FULL! =)”


Learn more about what to expect at your first visit with Dr. Mcsweeney, and schedule an appointment today. We look forward to helping you feel better!