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With regular chiropractic appointments for about the past 40 years, Merrilee Burke is no stranger to chiropractic. Six months ago, a good friend shared Dr. McSweeney’s name. And that’s when everything changed for Merrilee.


It’s telling that 40 years of patient experience didn’t prepare Merrilee for what to expect with Dr. McSweeney. “I was amazed even on the first office visit with Dr. McSweeney, how she intuitively knew how to help me,” she says. “There has been a level of maintenance support from other doctors, but I did not experience a moving forward with my health issues.”

That changed quickly once Merrilee began visiting Dr. McSweeney. From beginning to end, it was an entirely new chiropractic experience. “She is very patient with the patient! I am grateful for her compassionate nature and cheerful, kind personality,” Merrilee says. “I call her an earth angel. Then there is her professionalism, a far range of knowledge and approaches she uses that make so much sense to me. She really gives me what I need each visit, rather than a mold that some doctors will follow.”

For Dr. McSweeney, a holistic multi-technique approach to chiropractic care means she can treat individual patients as individuals, with personalized care that varies based on need. “The quality supplements she recommends from her office, in which she muscle tests to see how my body responds, have been really helpful,” says Merrilee. “I have less plaque in my arteries and better blood flow. Another tool she uses is cold laser therapy. I am so pleased with the results from this. Also last but not least are the homeopathic medicine patches. I am a fan of natural approaches when possible.”

The bottom line for Merrilee is simple. “I am moving forward in a healthy way,” she says. “Dr McSweeney is truly a blessing and I hope more people find their way to her holistic approach.”

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