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How do you know when a chiropractor can help you with your pain? Some things may be obvious – persistent low back pain, aching hips, even ongoing headaches or foot pain if you know a bit about the range of chiropractic care. But if you’re dealing with pain and you aren’t sure whether a chiropractor is the right specialist for treatment, here’s how to tell.

Ask Yourself This

Have you been dealing with limited range of motion or pain severe enough to impact your daily life? Is it lasting a week or longer? Then visiting the chiropractor is probably a good idea. Dr. McSweeney here in Reno specializes in treating acute and chronic pain conditions through soft-tissue and joint manipulation to restore natural motion. If you don’t need medication – and for musculoskeletal issues, medication is only prescribed as a remedy to the symptomatic pain – and you don’t need surgery, then a chiropractor is probably your best bet.

If you do need surgery, an orthopedist can offer information to help you make the right decision for you. Physical therapists can help with rehabilitative exercises following surgery or debilitating injury. And your regular MD can make referrals about which specialist may serve you best.

And Remember

If you visit Dr. McSweeney’s office and she concludes that your particular medical issue is outside her scope of practice, she’ll tell you so. And she’ll likely make a recommendation for someone she trusts, someone who can help you in the way you need it. You don’t need to see your medical doctor – or anyone – to visit a chiropractor. Learn more about you can expect at your first visit with Dr. McSweeney, and consider scheduling an appointment today.