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Patients visiting Dr. McSweeney’s holistic chiropractic office here in Reno can expect to see a few different faces during an appointment. One of them belongs to Audrey Benavides, a chiropractic assistant. “I get to interact with patients all day and I absolutely love it,” she says. In this staff spotlight, we’re highlighting Audrey’s role at the practice and all the reasons we’re so grateful to have her on the team.


Audrey is a recent graduate of the University of Nevada, and her degree in neuroscience has prepared her well for her role as a chiropractic assistant. “A strong science background helps me each day,” she shares. “I’m familiar with many issues patients may face that are associated with the brain and central and peripheral nervous system, but I’m learning more about back injuries, as well as holistic medicine.”

Communication is a big part of Audrey’s work here at the practice. She speaks with patients about the issues that have brought them into the office and uses chiropractic tools, including G5 massage and percussor, to properly prepare them for treatment with Dr. McSweeney or Dr. Allen.

Our Zerona patients also have the pleasure of seeing Audrey. She manages pre- and post-op consultations and measurements, and sets up patients on the laser for treatments.

Audrey also enjoys the occasional adjustment herself. “We’re so lucky to have Dr. McSweeney at our fingertips to adjust us when needed, and she’s very communicative about what she’s doing for each adjustment. Both she and Dr. Allen are really gentle.” It’s one of the things that sets our practice apart, but in Audrey’s experience, there are others.


“We’re like an ever-growing family,” she says. “Our office offers such a diverse variety of unique services that really makes it well rounded and keeps things exciting. I’ve learned miles of information from working here about numerous subdivisions of medicine and science and feel as if our patients leave more educated each visit as well.”

Audrey also has a message for current and future patients. “I would love our patients to know how much we appreciate them, and our future patients to know how eager we are to help them in whatever issues they may face.”

When she’s not in the office preparing patients for treatment or setting them up on the Zerona, you’ll find Audrey golfing, traveling, and working out. She’s a big fan of the outdoors and adventure in general, which doesn’t surprise us in the least!

Audrey, thanks for all you do here at the office. We appreciate you!