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Anyone who’s been to Dr. McSweeney’s holistic chiropractic practice over the last year has likely run into Jenn Mamola. The patient-turned-chiropractic-assistant-turned-office-manager can often be found at the front desk. And while masks are standard these days, hers is usually covering a big, welcoming smile.


“I started out as a patient of Dr. McSweeney,” shares Jenn. “I was having back pain that had me in the office about there times a week. Whenever I came in, I just felt at home and I asked her if she was hiring. Fast forward a year later, and I am still here!”

With a background in the medical field, it was a good fit. “I have eight years of experience in the medical field, working in busy medical office settings to processing patient intakes at local hospitals,” she says. Additionally, “I have taken various college courses from medical terminology to anatomy and physiology,” and she’s a licensed certified nursing assistant in Nevada and holds a phlebotomy license.

While Jenn began in a general chiropractic assistance role, she was an obvious choice when a manager role opened. Today, her role as manager has Jenn handling a number of responsibilities in the office, including “scheduling appointments for patients, checking them in and out, and assisting with any and everything they might need to make their experience great.”

So far, working with Dr. McSweeney has been really rewarding. “She offers a personalized approach to health care that I haven’t seen with any other doctor,” says Jenn. “She actually takes the time to listen and assess each patient while taking her time to give excellent care. I think she is the best at what she does, she has a gentle touch, is so knowledgeable, and genuinely loves what she does.”

The same could be said for Jenn. Her satisfaction in doing something she loves radiates in her warm, welcoming manner. Asked what she wants patients or newcomers to know about the practice, she says, “We want you to feel at home! Our goal is to create a safe and welcoming environment that promotes healing.”


From Drs. McSweeney and Allen, the rest of the team, and our patients, thanks for all you do, Jenn! We appreciate you!