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While many people associate the chiropractor with twisting and turning, adjustments can actually be performed in many ways. Dr. McSweeney here in Reno uses a holistic approach to chiropractic that involves a variety of techniques and treatment methods. One of them is the activator method, which involves the use of a small, hand-held tool to deliver precise, targeted, gentle pressure. Here’s what it is, and how it works.


With the activator, Dr. McSweeney can apply a gentle, controlled force to the spine and extremities. There are no twists or turns, and the spring-loaded device makes it easy to provide localized treatment to even small areas, like a single vertebrae.

The activator is several hundred times faster than the body’s ability to defend itself against it. That means the body can be more receptive to this kind of treatment. Consider it this way – abrupt twists and turns can put the nervous system on high alert, which means a subsequent muscle response.

Or put another way, the body feels a threat and responds accordingly. The activator doesn’t generate the same reaction, with precise and appropriate application and without the body’s protective response.

That precise application makes it much easier to exercise complete control over the treatment, including both the direction and the amount of pressure being applied. With the activator, Dr. McSweeney can apply roughly 60% less force to effectively treat joints and extremities. That’s something you’ll appreciate during your treatment – and your ligaments will appreciate it a few hours later!

The activator gives Dr. McSweeney speed, precision and a delicate touch, and the result is a safe, effective adjustment to get you out of pain and on with your day. If you’re interested in learning more about activator chiropractor, schedule your appointment with Dr. McSweeney today, and ask if you’re a candidate.