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Many people are surprised to learn that a chiropractor, like Dr. Lynelle McSweeney here in Reno, can treat a number of conditions beyond back and neck pain. That’s particularly true when it comes to stress and anxiety. Here’s what to understand about the sources of stress in our lives, and how chiropractic care can help.


There are three general sources from which we perceive stress:

  • Environmental stress – This includes noise, pollution, weather, pressure relating to time and performance, physical threats, and other stressors that come from our surroundings. This kind of stress comes from demanding jobs, long hours, pollutants and contaminants, minimal natural light, etc.
  • Physical stress – These stressors include inadequate sleep, poor nutrition, detrimental habits like smoking and excessive drinking, physical injury and pain, organ malfunction, and disease processes.
  • Emotional stress – This relates to our thought patterns and emotions in response to physical and environmental stressors. Emotional and psychological stress can be caused by increased awareness to troubling politics, tragedies, and global problems.

The cumulative effect of stress is significant. It takes a toll on our immune systems, causing illnesses or making them worse. Stress also activates the body’s fight-or-flight reaction, which stimulates the nervous system and has a ripple effect – increasing heart rate, blood pressure and volume.

In a true emergency situation, this reaction is useful. But when it becomes a constant state – when environmental, physical and emotional stress trigger it continuously – it can have serious consequences on overall health. Problems stemming from prolonged time spent this heightened state include high blood pressure, muscle tissue damage, diabetes, infertility, slower healing times, and general immune system damage.


While your chiropractor can eliminate stress in your life, she can help your body manage and process it in a healthier way. Muscle tension is a common symptom of chronic stress. Your chiropractor can help release this tension so your body feels more relaxed and balanced. Chiropractic adjustments can also improve blood circulation and reduce spinal nerve irritation.

By calming the body in this way, the brain may be signaled to turn off the fight-or-flight response. Here in Reno, Dr. McSweeney can also recommend nutritional supplements that help the body cope more effectively with stress, and she can show you different relaxation and posture techniques you can use throughout the day.

Stress may be an inevitable part of modern life, but there are ways to manage it more effectively. Chiropractic is one of them. Schedule your visit today.