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Many people assume that chiropractic care is what you get when you throw out your back or you can’t turn your head. And while it’s true that a chiropractor can certainly help in those scenarios, they can do quite a bit more than that. Chiropractors, like Dr. McSweeney here in Reno, actually specialize in three stages of chiropractic care. Here’s how they benefit you.


This stage of chiropractic care is the most well-known. It’s the “my back is out” or “I can’t turn my head” kind of care that’s designed to provide relief when you’re in pain or experiencing limited range of motion. Often, these conditions stem from joint restrictions, which interfere with proper nerve communication between the brain and various parts of the body. Gentle adjustments can restore this communication. At Dr. McSweeney’s holistic chiropractic office, she uses a mix of techniques to bring relief. That may include massage therapy, the activator, extremity manipulations, the Thompson drop table technique, and Gonstead, as well as recommendations for stretches and exercises you can do at home.


Once pain and inflammation subside, the second stage of chiropractic can begin. The recovery process supports muscle and other soft tissue for relief that extends beyond the absence of pain. Treatment will vary depending on the patient, and may include sessions with cold-laser therapy and massage. Often, patients may schedule a series of visits over a few months to transition from recovery into preventative care.


This stage of chiropractic care is designed to support your body with a proactive approach to wellness. While patients are of course welcome to come in whenever it suits them, routine chiropractic care can help maintain proper alignment and address joint restrictions before they become an issue. In fact, patients who have enjoyed chiropractic care often become more attuned to their bodies, which means they’re more likely to notice when their spines, hips, or neck feel out of alignment. Preventative chiropractic care every so often is a great addition to a healthy lifestyle.


Ready for the relief, recovery, or wellness stage of chiropractic? Schedule a visit with Dr. McSweeney in Reno today, and start feeling better!