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The idea of chiropractic care for young adults, children, and even infants can take some people by surprise. But while young adults — tweens, teens, young adults — may be at different stages of physical and mental development, they share a number of similarities. Between rapid growth, screen time, and athletics, their bodies are going through a lot. Here are three reasons young adults benefit from chiropractic care.


The tween/teen years are characterized by all kinds of growth and development, and it often happens fast. If you’re buying new clothes and shoes every few months because your kid keeps outgrowing them, you know what we’re talking about! In addition to the physical aches of growing pains, this is a time when scoliosis, or curvature of the spine, is often diagnosed. Regular spinal care can help catch this condition before it becomes an issue. Plus, a chiropractor can help maintain proper spinal and pelvic alignment during these growth phases, which ensures full range of motion and comfort. And by elimination joint restriction and dysfunction to maintain open lines of communication in the body, chiropractic care also helps support a healthy immune system.


Screen time is a reality in our modern world, and tweens and teens are no exception. In fact, they may be among the worst offenders. We’ve written about tech neck before, and during the growing years, it can pose even bigger problems. Learning how to maintain proper posture can make a big difference, and so can chiropractic to keep those spines aligned. Here in Reno, Dr. McSweeney can help with both.


Growing kids who are active in different sports are more susceptible to injury. Even kids who don’t participate in sports may be carrying around heavy backpacks that can cause strains in the back, shoulders, and neck. Dr. McSweeney takes a holistic approach to chiropractic for all her patients, and that includes cold laser therapy where appropriate. For tweens and teens, that sort of therapy can be particularly beneficial for promoting healing from strains and sprains.

You and your tween or teen could be really surprised at the difference chiropractic care makes. Schedule a visit with Dr. McSweeney today, and she can answer all of your questions about how this kind of care benefits growing young adults.