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Chronic hip pain can have a number of causes, and sedentary lifestyles leading to anterior pelvic shifts are often a big contributor. The good news? A multi-technique approach combining chiropractic adjustments, realignment, and massage therapy can often alleviate symptoms. If you’re hoping to treat hip pain with chiropractic care, here’s what you can expect at Dr. McSweeney’s Reno practice.


Hips that have shifted out of alignment are problematic for a few reasons. Our hips are designed to support the body’s weight. Because they facilitate so much movement, balance is key for proper mobility. When the hips are out of balance, other body parts, including the lower back and legs, are forced to compensate. This creates a ripple effect that impacts range of motion and gait, with pain that can be felt in the lower back, hips, and legs.

If ongoing hip pain is an issue for you, chiropractic care is a great place to begin treatment. Misaligned hips can very often be corrected with this non-invasive method of care. Dr. McSweeney will assess your hips and create a treatment plan that will rebalance your body. Often, this includes manual manipulation, mobilization therapy, and massage therapy to improve flexibility and positioning and restore balance and realignment. Dr. McSweeney also tends to share exercises, stretches, and posture tips patients can use at home to help keep their hips properly aligned.

Learn more about chiropractic care for hip pain by scheduling an appointment with Dr. McSweeney. She’ll perform a diagnostic assessment to learn more about your lifestyle and any potential culprits behind your hip pain, and offer recommendations for treatment. If you’re new to chiropractor, here’s what to expect during your first visit.

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