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There are far too many causes of neck pain in our daily lives, which is why some two thirds of the population will deal with it at least once. But whatever caused it, we’re guessing you just want it to feel better – fast! Good news. Today we’re looking at treatment options for that aching neck.

Before considering your options for treating neck pain, it’s important to identify the culprit. Jumping straight to painkillers is a knee-jerk reaction for many, but really, it just muddies the water. A chiropractor or primary care physical can help you determine what’s causing your neck pain. In rare cases, it’s not an environmental problem (lack of sleep, posture, stress), an injury, or referred pain from upper back issues. Instead, neck pain can be a symptom of a much more serious issue, which is why it’s so important to have it properly evaluated.

Assuming that your neck pain is simply a pain in the neck, and not a byproduct of something far more dangerous, you have a few treatment options. Typically, a primary care physician will recommend medications for reducing pain and inflammation, or for reducing spasms or lessening anxiety and depression. If your neck pain is the result of a sinus infection, antibiotics may also be prescribed.

Another option, however, is visiting a chiropractor at the onset of your neck pain. In many instances, it’s possible to avoid the use of medication with proper spinal manipulation and mobilization. When neck pain is the result of a problem with your muscles and joints, which is the most common cause, chiropractic care is even more effective.

In addition to determining whether your neck pain would benefit from adjustments, a chiropractor like Dr. McSweeney can evaluate your posture and body mechanics, and offer recommendations for exercises intended to relieve pain and increase strength and mobility – check back next week for more details on neck stretches versus neck strengthening. Dr. McSweeney may also use electric stimulation, ultrasound and other methods to help you feel better, with instructions for useful home remedies to will improve your comfort level.

A consultation is the best way to decide if chiropractic care is the right approach for relieving your neck pain. Schedule yours today.