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The Reno Gazette-Journal is hosting its annual Best of Reno Awards, and we’re thrilled to announce that our own Dr. Lynelle McSweeney was nominated for best chiropractor!


The voting process is straightforward. While you will need to set up an account with your name, email, and zip code, you only need to do once, and you can opt out of marketing messages.

Once you’ve set up your account, here’s how to vote:

  • Navigate to the Best of Reno website
  • Click on the Beauty & Health—People category
  • Scroll down to chiropractor (it’s the third option)
  • Vote for Dr. Lynelle McSweeney

Votes can be submitted once daily, and every vote counts! Dr. McSweeney is up against some stiff competition, but patients and fans can tell you personally what sets her apart from other Reno chiropractors:

  • With her holistic, multi-technique approach to chiropractic care, Dr. McSweeney always treats her patients as individuals. That means treatments are personalized to every patient and designed not simply to relieve pain and discomfort, but to address the causes of those symptoms. Her well-rounded chiropractic care may include nutrition and exercise recommendations, posture and stretching tips, ice and heat therapies, cold-laser therapy, supplementing, and much more.
  • “Tickle torture” is something that Dr. McSweeney’s patients are familiar with, particularly when she’s using percussion therapy on the sensitive areas. This kind of communication is important, and Dr. McSweeney always makes a point of letting patients know how they might feel a response to certain therapies and treatments.
  • Patients routinely mention how much Dr. McSweeney cares. And it’s true! Our mental and spiritual health impact us physically, and a truly holistic approach to patient care means checking in with how people are feeling. Bottom line? Empathy from your chiropractor is always a good sign!
  • Dr. McSweeney always explains techniques and treatments she’s using to help her patients feel better, as well as what makes them effective. She’s always happy to explain what she’s doing to ensure that each patient really understands what’s happening.

There are a lot of reasons that make Dr. McSweeney Reno’s best chiropractor, and winning the spot in the RGJ’S Best of Reno Awards would be such wonderful recognition of that. We appreciate your vote today and daily through Friday, March 17!