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Like other medical fields, chiropractic has its specialties. There are doctors of chiropractic who practice with a single technique, and others who employ a multi-faceted approach. Dr. Lynelle McSweeney here in Reno is of the former variety. Her motivation is simple – every patient is an individual with individual needs, which necessitates an individualized approach to their care and treatment. Today, we’re sharing with holistic chiropractic with Dr. McSweeney really means.


After attending Palmer College of Chiropractic in San Jose, Dr. McSweeney joined her father, Dr. Duane Allen, at his practice in Watsonville. They specialized in a variety of techniques that addressed physical, emotional, nutritional, and biochemical health – a truly well-rounded approach to complete wellness. Food allergies and sensitivities can have a dramatic effect on the body, and identifying the body’s nutritional needs, as well as its structural and physical needs, is critical.

A contact reflex analysis, or CRA, is one method of analyzing these needs. Nerve energy to certain reflexes on the skin, which which represent various bone structures, glands, and organs, can be interrupted as a result of illness or allergy. Symptoms of this interrupted nerve energy may include headaches, low energy, or a fuzzy, “clogged” sensation in the head.

Minimizing the effects of food sensitivities can also be accomplished with neuro-emotional techniques, nutrition modifications, exercise, and chiropractic adjustments. This kind of broad approach to chiropractic is something that Dr. McSweeney has continued in her own practice here in Reno, and it’s what truly sets it apart. Her goal is always to treat the person as a whole by identifying the root issues and relieving pressure at the source.


A visit to Dr. McSweeney may be different than other chiropractic appointments you’ve had. You can expect Dr. McSweeney to address the root of your pain after assessing your condition with multiple diagnostic tests. She’ll ask lots of questions and listen carefully to your answers. She may recommend nutrition modifications or stretches and exercises to perform at home. She’ll use a variety of techniques beyond physical adjustments to find the source of your condition and treat it effectively. That’s how she measures success.

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