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Patients at Dr. McSweeney’s chiropractic office here in Reno, Nevada, are familiar with the percussor. It’s one of many tools that Dr. McSweeney uses in her holistic approach to chiropractic. But what is it exactly, and how is it beneficial? Here’s what to know about the percussor and its many advantages as a therapeutic tool.


The percussor is a hand-held instrument that distributes waves of percussive impulses into the body.

It can be a wonderfully relaxing experience, and it’s part of Dr. McSweeney’s myriad tools and techniques for a number of reasons.

  • This gentle treatment properly prepares the muscles and ligaments for any adjustments that might be needed.
  • The percussive waves promote an increase in lymphatic flow and circulation.
  • Percussion therapy can also decrease muscle spams, release joints and lessen tension.

The percussor can be an effective therapy for conditions include migraines stemming from TMJ and chronic low back pain. As a trigger point therapy, the percussor can help relieve tightness by breaking up scar tissue and adhesions in fascia, allowing for improved range of motion and reduced pain. Vibrations from the percussor break up knotted, constricted fascia to promote muscle relaxation and the release of latent lactic acid, as well as lymphatic drainage. The percussor can be effective even on old injuries and areas of tightness.

If your chiropractor doesn’t use some form of massage to properly prepare and relax your body prior to treatment, you might ask yourself why. Then, schedule a visit with Dr. McSweeney to experience holistic chiropractic care for yourself.