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Dr. Kira Capozzolo, a chiropractor from the Twin Waves Wellness Center in Solana Beach, California, brings us today’s guest post. Thank you, Dr. Capozzolo!

When you have pain in your neck or back, sometimes the only course of action is to visit a chiropractor. They can recommend and apply a treatment plan for the specific area of your body in which you’re feeling pain. However, if it’s your first time visiting a chiropractic office, you may be wondering what to expect.

Are you going to walk into a room filled with doctors in white lab coats holding clipboards? Not at all – actually, quite the opposite. A chiropractic office is a safe space for people to heal from physical pain, emotional trauma, and stress.

While chiropractic services are not new to the world of pain management, they could be new to you. If you want to know what to expect when visiting a chiropractor in 2022, you’re in the right place. Today, we’re going to discuss what you should know before your first chiropractic appointment this year.


Of course, you don’t have to pick out an outfit that’s going to impress your chiropractor for the appointment to go well. However, you do want to be ready for the appointment. The chiropractor will work with you to determine the right treatment plan. Depending on the Doctor, they may request that you perform certain, minor movements. This is typically done to gauge certain ranges of motion and movement, measuring your body’s physical capabilities.

To make sure you get the most out of your chiropractic appointment, it’s recommended that you wear comfortable clothing. What about high heels? Those aren’t encouraged, but if you happen to walk in with them on, you can take them off upon arrival. It’s also best to avoid jewelry and accessories that dangle, as they could get in the way.


Every patient has a different story. Your chiropractor will need to do a consultation with you, asking you about your medical history. This is completed to ensure you get the right treatment. They will ask you a series of questions to find out about where any existing pain is, the level of pain you are experiencing, and any symptoms related to it.

Depending on the location and severity of your pain, the chiropractor may need to physically examine the areas of stress to better uncover what your needs are. During this consultation, people provide information about any preexisting health conditions and your family medical history. Based on the information provided, your chiropractor with design a custom care plan. This is created to support your 2022 health goals.


It’s common for patients to receive a chiropractic adjustment upon their first visit with a chiropractor. However, this varies depending on how the practice operates. There is no right or wrong to this! Chiropractic adjustments don’t add much more time to your first appointment.

For those who have never received a chiropractic adjustment before, you’re in for a treat. Several health benefits of getting adjusted include:

  • Increasing flexibility and mobility
  • Decreasing inflammation
  • Correcting misalignments
  • Improving balance and posture
  • Experiencing pain relief

Chiropractic care is a useful tool that you can use to experience pain relief and improve your health long-term. People use this care as a proactive way to maintain their health.


Chiropractors are trained to treat many issues with the body. Over the years, people assumed that they were only helpful for neck and back pain. False! There is much more that chiropractic care can do for your body. Chiropractors can help with aches and pains experienced in your knees, shoulders, elbows, wrists, and more. Do you suffer from chronic migraines? Your local chiropractor is a great solution for that.

Digestion issues are another problem that people are surprised to find out their chiropractor can help with. By visiting a chiropractor in 2022, you can optimize how your body feels and functions throughout the year. Improve your physical performance and daily activity level through chiropractic care. Life is too short not to feel great throughout the day. Live a more active lifestyle without experiencing chronic pain.


If you’re planning a visit to the chiropractor in 2022, you don’t have to worry. There’s no reason to experience another day in pain. Chiropractors are experts at helping your body heal. They will support you along your healing journey by providing a safe and welcoming space. You can experience pain relief and live life optimally by adding chiropractic care to your routine this year.