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New year, new you! If you’re one of the countless Americans setting health-related goals in 2022, you’re on the right track. And whether that involves exercising more consistently, eating more mindfully, or better managing stressors in your life, here’s how chiropractic care will support your 2022 health goals.


Chiropractic treatment is all about spinal alignment. Life takes a toll on the body, and vertebrae in the spine are pushed out of alignment from day-to-day activities like walking around or exercising. Even something as seemingly benign as sitting can wreak havoc on the spine, and those misalignments have a cascading effect on our health. If you’re noticing nagging discomfort in your shoulders, neck, back, or hips, it could very well be a misalignment that’s affecting surrounding nerves and over-taxing certain muscles. But there’s another issue beyond physical pain. Spinal misalignments interfere with the body’s ability to communicate internally. Messaging from the body to the brain can be scrambled, affecting your body’s ability to heal itself.

Chiropractic adjustments align the spine, relieving pain and discomfort and restoring proper communication in the body. Instead of popping pain pills so you can get through your day, a chiropractic adjustment works to solve the problem itself — not just a symptom.


By keeping your body healthy, with its full range of motion, chiropractic supports just about any health-related goal you can make in 2022 or beyond.

  • If the goal is to exercise more consistently, preventative or as-needed chiropractic care can help minimize aches and pains and improve flexibility and mobility, all of which makes it easier to exercise.
  • If the goal is to improve quality of sleep, addressing sources of pain is an important first step.
  • If the goal is to help manage stress and anxiety, regular chiropractic care can help decrease physical pain and promote muscle relaxation. Unclenching muscles sends signals to the brain that can help induce relaxation and regulate mood.
  • If the goal is to eat a more nutritious diet, chiropractic care can help reduce cravings and pinpoint potential nutrient deficiencies.

We applaud any health-related effort, and we’re here to help! Schedule a visit with Dr. McSweeney or Dr. Allen and get an adjustment to start the new year — and all those admirable health goals — on the right foot.